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A Little About Us

Our Vision for the Future

We envision a thriving mutualist hub, a piece of land dedicated to our community’s needs and sustained by nature’s principles. This land will host events, sabbats, and educational programs, becoming a center for learning and celebration. Our long-term goal includes establishing a K-12 school and a research university to continue our mission of education and community building for generations to come.

Join us on this journey and be a part of a community that not only lives in harmony with nature but also stands strong against the challenges of our times. Together, we can create a sustainable, supportive, and spiritually fulfilling future.

A Vision of a Holistically Uplifted Lifepath



Our mission is to cultivate a vibrant, inclusive community centered around seasonal, nature-based pagan living. We are dedicated to exploring and sharing the wisdom of diverse pagan traditions, fostering mutual support, and creating sustainable solutions that address the spiritual and practical needs of our community. Through education, engagement, and collective action, we strive to empower individuals and strengthen our collective resilience in the face of societal and environmental challenges.


From a Seed

The seeds of our project were sewn in 1999, when I started my journey into paganism as a solitary practitioner. Over the years, my personal practice deepened, and I pursued formal education in history, anthropology, and environmental studies, which enriched my understanding of diverse cultures and spiritual traditions. Professionally, I’ve supported environmental consultants with my skills in editing, writing, and process analysis.
In 2020, amidst the global upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, I sought to bring my solitary practice into a communal space by attempting to found a study group for witches and pagans. Since then, I have been leading sabbats for over two years, creating a regular gathering space for our local pagan community.
Inspired by these experiences and the connections formed, I envisioned expanding beyond hosting sabbats to provide a comprehensive path for pagan living. My goal is to offer not only seasonal celebrations but also a daily practice and a life path that encompasses education and community building. By fostering a strong, supportive network, I aim to empower individuals and create tools for communal strength and resilience.
This project aspires to offer a rich tapestry of resources, workshops, and educational programs that nurture spiritual growth, sustainable living, and mutual support. Together, we can build a vibrant, inclusive community dedicated to living in harmony with nature and each other, facing the challenges of our times with resilience and unity..