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Week 3: Planting Seeds of Intention

(4/1-4/7) Harness the energy of new beginnings by setting clear intentions for the season ahead (seedlings). Reflect on your goals and aspirations, and create a plan for bringing them to fruition. Plant literal or symbolic seeds as a ritual of manifestation, symbolizing the growth and potential that lies within you. This week’s divination: Tarot–oracle–runes–etc. Whatever …

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Week 2: Cultivating Creativity

(3/25–3/31) Dedicate this week to nurturing your creative spirit and exploring different forms of expression. Try out new art forms, writing exercises (hello there!), or DIY projects that inspire you. Allow yourself to play and experiment without judgement, tapping into the limitless potential of your imagination. This week’s divination: Tarot–oracle–runes–etc. Whatever your method is, tap …

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Week 1: Spring Awakening

I find that seasonality allows me to build in rest for myself when I so frequently allow myself to overwork.

Seasonal Living: Spring

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything out into the void. This week, I’m beginning a trial of a new way of living. I’ve had a lot of folks reaching out to ask about seasonal living, paganism, and witchcraft; I’ve been practicing paganism since 1998, both with groups and decades as a solitary practitioner, and …

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