Weekly Thoughts

Week 8 Thoughts

I’m glad I drew this today: it feels less personal fumble and more divine happenstance.

Week 6 Thoughts

The rhythms and systems in nature have existed long before my DNA was being engineered by the cogs that are the pull and push of entropy and order.

Week 4 Thoughts

I still sometimes revert to poor, older, energywork-goblin mode habits.

Week 3 Thoughts

Living seasonally is about practice inspired by nature’s example.

Week 2 Thoughts

I have a group of like-minded souls to practice my spirituality with. Last Saturday, I invited them all to my house to celebrate the equinox and also to participate in our regular full moon discussion involving the variety of celestial events occurring during this season. After our discussions, we released the heaviness of winter using …

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Week 1 Thoughts

A late start… I meant to launch my blog on a Monday. Two days ago, in fact. A little about me: I live in the PNW of the United States, I’m in my 40s with my only children being of the furry variety. Yet, I still have a full house with partners and multiple roommates …

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