Week 2: Cultivating Creativity


Dedicate this week to nurturing your creative spirit and exploring different forms of expression.

Try out new art forms, writing exercises (hello there!), or DIY projects that inspire you.

Allow yourself to play and experiment without judgement, tapping into the limitless potential of your imagination.

This week’s divination:

Tarot–oracle–runes–etc. Whatever your method is, tap into the higher source or intuitive self and make a note. This isn’t meant as an entire exercise, but a brief “check in” with intuitive energy. How does it tie into expressing your most authentic soul self?

This week’s meditation chant:

I am a cauldron of boundless creativity, ready to brew inspiration and imagination into the world. With each breath, I cultivate a fertile space within for creative expression to blossom and flourish without.

This week’s prayer:

Divine source of creativity, I call upon your infinite wisdom to inspire and guide my creative spirit and endeavors. Grant me the courage to express myself authentically and the vision to manifest my fullest expression into this world.

End-of-Week Journal Prompt:


Find a quiet place (as much as you’re able) and a time when you’re not overly tired. If you’re able to include aromatherapy, do so: warm, inviting scents in whatever form is the most soothing for you. Be comfortable. Dress for the temperature and keep hydration nearby. Sit at ease. Then, open your journal and take up your “quill”:

What creative activities did I engage in this week, and how did the make me feel?

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